Raw Energy Philosophy
Raw Energy is all about providing living food.  We don't believe in killing our food before 
we eat it, we'd rather have live enzymes feed the cells of our body to make us healthy and 
strong.  We don't like chemicals and wouldn't want to obtain disease like mad cow or 
radiation.  We don't like sugar (which the body has no idea what to do with and just jams 
up into your colon to rot).  We don't like being cheated by people who sell water or ice in
their "juice" drinks.  We LOVE the taste of organic food over stuff grown in all sort of 
ungodly soil conditions.  We  love hearing stories of people who have learned how to 
heal themselves by digesting live enzymes instead of  heavily processed foods.  Our
labor is largely a labor of love.  Much work goes on behind the scenes each week 
to bring you the best in crackers, fresh produce and high quality offerings.

We hope you share our enthusiasm for healthy living foods and tell all your friends to stop 
by for a taste temptation!

WHAT WE DON'T DO We don't use pre-manufactured juice. We don't add water to our juice drinks. We don't use dairy. We don't add sugar. We don't add ice. We don't add chemicals or "boasts". We don't cook. We are not a chain (owned by some huge profit company). We don't make big money on this venture.
WHAT WE DO We only use organic produce. We will add soy protein upon request. We only use Vital Vittles bread. We sell ACAI - a Brazilian berry packed with natural energy. We use the highest quality wheat grass. We offer only the highest quality supplements. We make our crackers by hand. We do warm our soups. We make our own "milk" from nuts. We make our own muesli breakfast cereal. We keep consistent hours as posted. We gladly accept Visa and Mastercard. We recycle your cups and utensils. Our compost goes to a community garden where organic farming is taught. We work with other raw living food individuals and organizations who are honest and willing to collaborate.
You may have noticed that Raw Energy changed ownership in August of 2003. If you have visited since then, we hope you have enjoyed the changes. We remodeled the store over the Christmas 2003 holiday and hope that you enjoy the new look. If you haven't been by the shop in a while, take some time to drop by and give us a fresh try for some great food. Check into our supplements for ongoing sustaining support of great enzymes and nutrients.