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Nitric Oxide

Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) is the most widely used medicinal herb in Polynesia. NitrO™ is a very concentrated form of Noni. By combining the knowledge of Polynesian healers with modern science, NitrO™ delivers the pure essence of Noni. NitrO™ produces a Nitric Oxide effect up to 50 times greater than other forms of Noni!

Nitric Oxide: Medical Breakthrough

The 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to three researchers for their breakthrough discovery of a biological gas called Nitric Oxide (NO)1. Nitric Oxide is a signaling molecule involved in "controlling the circulation of the blood, regulating activities of the brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach and other organs2." It acts in many tissues to regulate "a seemingly limitless range of functions in the body3. Here are just a few examples:

  • Blood Pressure: NO lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow and blood vessel diameter, and prevents formation of blood clots. Endothelial cells are smooth muscles that control relaxation and expansion of blood vessels. NO is essential to proper function of these muscles.
  • Heart: NO widens blood vessels, increases oxygen supply and protects the heart from damage and cell death. NO helps establish regular electrical impulses and normal rhythm to the heart.
  • Immune system: Immune cells release bursts of nitric oxide to kill bacteria, viral and parasitic infections. NO is involved in the production of blood cells in the bone marrow and has been shown to increase the number of the immune boosting "Killer T-Cells."
  • Brain: Nitric oxide transmits messages between nerve cells and is associated with the processes of learning, memory, and sleeping. It can stimulate the brain and modulate many functions, from behavior to gastrointestinal activity.
  • Impotence: NO stimulates, restores and magnifies the natural responses of male and female genitals. Creating increased NO is the expected effect of the celebrated drug Viagra. The proper amount of NO heightens and lengthens the time of stimulation.
  • Inflammation: NO is a mediator in inflammation and rheumatism. NO helps relieve pain. The drug morphine produces NO, which is the non-addictive but beneficial portion of the drug.
  • Tumor Reduction: NO reduces tumor growth and increases the immune response against the radical replication of cancerous cells.
  • Skeletal Muscles: NO widens the blood channels leading to skeletal muscles. For those that exercise or weight-lift, this means faster gains in lean muscle mass, greater strength, increased endurance, and full-body muscle recovery.

Everyone has heard the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words". The picture you see on the NitrO™ packaging above is not a picture of a severe electrical storm or an animated science fiction creation. Rather, it is a picture, captured by an electron microscope, of an enzyme in the act of creating Nitric Oxide in a human cell culture!

NitrO™ and Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide is derived from an enzyme changing the amino acid L-arginine into the amino acid L-citruline. This is the only known method of creating NO in the body. L-arginine must be present and there must be adequate enzymes to cause this change.

According to Enzymologists, certain parts of the noni plant contain more enzymes, amino acids and peptides than just about any other known botanical. Noni leaves also contain 20 different amino acids, including L-arginine. Through medical research, NitrO™ International has established that most forms of Noni produce a Nitric Oxide effect4. However, certain parts of the plant in various combinations with other parts, produce a much more potent effect. NitrO™ has been formulated specifically to optimize NO. In endothelial cell tests, the standardized method for testing NO, the powerful NitrO™ extract produced a NO effect in vitro more than 50 times greater than flavored Noni juice5, which until now has been the most popular Noni product.

It should be noted that the FDA has not evaluated NitrO™ and it is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nitric Oxide has clinically been shown to improve the function of many systems of the body. NitrO™ produces a NO effect in the endothelial cell test in vitro, but to date Enliven has not conducted any specific scientific study to determine if the NO effect produced by NitrO™ results in a particular health benefit.

In addition to the benefits of Nitric Oxide, NitrO™ is rich in B-sitosterol, ursolic acid, plant sterols, glycosides, and anthrquinones. It is also a great source of potassium, and also contains calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C.

Suggested Use

NitrO™ is designed for people-on-the-go who want to experience its benefits throughout the day. Its cobalt-blue bottle protects against light that can reduce potency. Take NitrO™ orally straight from the bottle; add it to a couple of ounces of Pure Noni Juice or to your favorite beverage or food. Every family member should use NitrO™ daily, including your pets. Use NitrO™ before and after exercise. NitrO™ can also be used directly on rashes, scratches, cuts, blemishes, minor wounds, sunburns, and other types of minor burns.

Internal application: Take one squirt from the dropper (or 7-9 sprays) two to three times a day or more as needed or when fatigued.

External application: Apply several drops or sprays to affected areas; let dry.

Experience NitrO™ for Yourself

Experience the NitrO™ difference for yourself. Say yes to NO! Enjoy the natural, balanced and concentrated effects that only NitrO™ can provide. As the picture depicts, NitrO™ can put the "spark" back into your life.

Pure Noni Juice

The Best Noni Juice in the World

ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice is the most powerful brand of noni in the world. It is the original brand of noni juice that is made from, and only from, ripe noni fruit. Unlike inferior brands, our Pure Juice contains NO ADDED WATER to lessen its strength. There is no added sugar or preservatives. Just 100% straight juice extracted from ripe noni fruit after it is carefully aged for 15 to 21 days. With ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice, you get what you pay for--aged, straight, undiluted natural noni juice. No other product can compare.

Don't be fooled by diluted imitations. ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice is not "reconstituted" juice from a puree or from dried or powdered noni fruit. In order to reconstitute a juice from a puree or powdered noni, one must add lots of water--up to 65% total water content in many brands. Some brands weaken the noni even further by adding other fruit juices or artificial flavorings. Remember that it is noni that works, not water or other fruit juices. Read the labels carefully and get what you pay for. For example, one company that reconstitutes its juice from puree cleverly describes its juice as having been made "from pure Morinda citrifolia fruit juice" (emphasis added). In other words, the juice is diluted with lots of added water.


  • ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice is the Premium pure juice product that sets the standard by which all others are compared.
  • ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice has received the highest certification given by the Council for Polynesian Traditional Medicine. It is made from ripe noni fruit that is aged for 15-21 days before extracting the juice. Juice made from properly aged fruit is different and more potent in its chemical structure than non-aged juice. The highest-grade juice is obtained by macerating the fruit multiple times during the first 10 days of the aging process. This process releases natural enzymes from the fruit that break down polysaccharide chains and restructures them into different lengths and types. All of this catalyzes the chemical changes needed to produce our Premium Grade Noni Juice as certified by the Council for Polynesian Traditional Medicine.
  • ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice is made from, and only from, ripe noni fruit. It is not a watered down "juice" that is reconstituted from a puree or from dried or powdered noni fruit.
  • You get exactly what you pay for--100%, FULL STRENGTH noni juice made from ripe noni fruit.
  • Contains no chemical preservatives, added water, sugars, thickeners, artificial flavors, or other fruit juices.
  • Proprietary processing methods and stringent quality assurance procedures assure that the full benefit of noni fruit is consistently maximized in every bottle.
  • ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice is exclusive to Enliven.
  • Enliven is a leader in noni scientific research.


"Noni has not only prevented the necessity of a hip replacement, but has eliminated 90% of exteme pain."

- Veronica Batch

"When Royal Pacific Noni was introduced to us about two months ago, we couldn't get over the results and that it was so reasonably priced. It seems more effective that the 'purple' juice."

- Debbie Valerie

"I am so grateful to Noni for giving me back a normal healthy life and for helping so many of my friends."

- Jan Hargrave

Suggested Use

Take one to two tablespoons twice each day. Take more as needed. Best taken at least one-half hour before eating.

Enjoy ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Juice straight from the bottle or add it to water or your favorite drink. Best taken in conjunction with NitrO™, Enliven's proprietary super concentrated Noni Whole Plant Extract product.

Noni Tea

Enjoy the health-promoting properties of Noni in a pleasant tasting, caffeine-free tea made from nutrient-rich Noni leaves. ROYAL PACIFIC NONI(r) Herbal Tea is made from 100% pure Noni (Morinda citrifolia) leaf with no preservatives, additives, or fillers. The Noni leaves are carefully handpicked, air-dried, course ground and put in convenient single serving tea bags.

Teas have an advantage in that they contain a natural blend of whatever plant or plant parts used. Hot water releases therapeutic compounds found in the noni leaf, which after drinking, are quickly assimilated into the bloodstream. Among many other things, these include beneficial antioxidants, bioflavonoids, plant sterols (including B-sitosterol), ursolic acid, glycosides, and anthrquinones, all of which are responsible for some of its powerful actions in the body.

Another advantage of Noni Herbal Tea is that you can control concentration with steeping time and tea bag quantity. For maximum benefit, Noni Tea needs a longer steeping time than regular tea-at least 10 minutes to ensure that the desired plant properties infuse into the water to produce powerful natural solutes that no other herbal tea can produce. Some of its benefits include:

  • Quick Acting. ROYAL PACIFIC NONI(r) Herbal Tea natural solutes are quickly assimilated into the bloodstream.
  • To Reduce Stress. Do you ever feel stresses out? Try ROYAL PACIFIC NONI(r) Herbal Tea to calm and soothe your nerves
  • To Cleanse the Body. Noni Herbal Tea can also be used as a cleansing agent. It is used in conjunction with the RoyalSlim Weight Loss System to help prepare the body to loose weight and then help maintain your ideal weight once it has been achieved.
  • To Aid Mental Acuity and Concentration. Many people find that Noni Herbal Tea helps with mental acuity and concentration.
  • General Well-Being. Drinking Noni Herbal Tea gives people a general sense of well-being.


After two days of using the Noni Tea bags, the blood clots disappeared. My nurse was amazed at the rapid healing process. The doctor said that the rapid healing "was awesome."

- Mildred Schroeder

Suggested Uses:

For best results, let steep at least ten minutes. To increase potency, increase the number of tea bags.

Internal Use: Drink ROYAL PACIFIC NONI(r) Herbal Tea throughout the day, hot or cold. Break open the bag and use the tea leaves as a spice for meats, soups, and salads. The tea itself can also be dropped into the eyes, ears and other openings of the body.

External Use: Break open the bag to make poultices for cuts, bruises, and skin irritations. Add several bags to bath water for a luxurious treatment for the skin.

Contents: Each Tea Bag contains 1500 mg of 100% noni leaf. Contains no preservatives, additives or fillers.

Noni Leaf Capsules

ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® was the first brand to market leaf-based products and is the world-leader in this area. The Company pioneered this field because noni leaf was used traditionally by Polynesian healers more than any other part of the plant and many believed that leaves were much more potent than noni fruit. While noni juice is probably the best known form of noni and the use of the noni leaf is less known, the remarkable properties of the leaf is equally valuable and chemically different than the juice.

Noni leaf is the most nutrient-rich part of the noni plant, containing health-promoting nutrients and phytochemicals, including antioxidants and bioflavonoids. Antioxidants help fight free radicals in the body. Noni leaves are also rich in a number of vitamins and minerals and significantly exceed noni juice levels of phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin K1, and niacin.

Most importantly, Noni leaf is rich in B-sitosterol, ursolic acid, plant sterols, glycosides, and anthraquinones, which are responsible for some of its powerful actions in the human body.

  • B-sitosterol has been shown to be a blood-lowering compound. In laboratory tests it was able to increase fasting insulin levels and lower fasting glucose (sugar) levels. By doing so, B-sitosterol offered protection from an excessive rise in blood sugar due to glucose loading by researchers.
  • B-sitosterol can also lower bad cholesterol levels.
  • Ursolic Acid has been classified as a natural preventive agent.
  • Noni leaf is rich in plant sterols. A study in Planta Medica reported that plant sterols work to reduce inflammation and fever while easing pain.
  • Noni leaves are alkaloid-rich. Alkaloids exhibit a wide range of biological activities in the body. They are nitrogen-containing organic compounds which can react with acids to form salts and are the basis of many medicines.
  • Noni leaves offer a unique and powerful array of amino. Noni leaf contains over 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein and their high content in noni leaves explains why the leaf is considered a complete source of protein.
  • Research by Enliven showed that noni leaf produces a nitric oxide effect in endothelial cell tests four times greater than flavored noni juice.


Leaf Capsules are made from young, pure, tender noni leaves grown under controlled organic conditions in our farm in beautiful Tonga. The rich volcanic soils and unique climate of the South Pacific in Tonga makes our Noni Leaf the most powerful Noni leaf product in the world. We harvest the finest young leaves, air dry them, and then finely grind the leaves to put in easy-to-swallow capsules. Each capsule contains 120 capsules of 375 mg of pure noni leaf.


Within two hours the pain in my hips and knees was completely gone as were the shakes. I felt calmer and my chest pains were gone.

- Edward Pulley

After six days, she told me her arthritis pain was also gone, and the massive car tissue from the surgery which was the size of an orange was quickly smoothing out and disappearing.

- Victor Medina

Suggested Use.

Take two to four capsules twice a day, preferably 1/2 to one hour prior to eating. To see faster results for more serious wellness concerns, try taking 4 capsules 2-3 times a day. For external use, break open the capsules to make poultices for cuts, bruises and skin irritations. As a general spice, add noni leaf to meats, soups, and salads. For pets, add noni leaf to pet food.

Children's Chewable Tablets

Enjoy all the health promoting benefits of Noni in a great tasting, berry flavored chewable tablet! Chewables do not only taste great, but contain 100% of the RDA of Vitamin C from acerola. Boost your energy with Noni Chewables made from noni leaves, hand grown and harvested from our company farms in the South Pacific Island of Tonga.

RoyalSlim - Weight Loss

RoyalSlim, together with our Noni Tea Cleanse, is the perfect weight loss system for safe, healthy and effective weight management. Throw all the other gizmos, gadgets and products away...this is the last weight management product you will ever need.

RoyalSlim is the perfect balance for weight loss and nutrition. It contains tried and true weight management nutrients found in other products, plus the extra boost of Forslean (revolutionary, patented, new nutrient) and Noni leaf to act as a nutrient transporter.

RoyalSlim is the perfect combination of nature's dynamic weight management ingredients. The health scientists working with Enliven International on this product have spent years unlocking the secrets of these powerful nutrients. Now, with ROYAL PACIFIC NONI(r) as a base for nutrient transport and utility, the effects are even more dramatic. We guarantee results! If you aren't satisfied by Royal Slim, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Key Ingredients. Enliven has blended the following key ingredients to maximize their synergistic weight management attributes:
Forslean(tm)--to help build lean body mass. Forslean(tm) is a new standardized plant extract that contains forskolin, a diterpene compound. It activates adenylate cyclase, an enzyme that leads to an increase in cyclic adensine monophosphate (cAMP). An increase in cAMP typically activates an enzyme called lipase, which helps the body rid itself of the building blocks of fatty tissue, thereby enhancing lean body mass.

Noni Leaf, Fruit, Roots & Leaves-With its rich content of alkaloids, enzymes, and plant sterols, our proprietary blend of noni plays a fundamental role in aiding the other herbs used in RoyalSlim to produce thermogenesis (fat burning).

Chromium Chelavite-for proper glucose metabolism. When glucose levels are elevated and not used for energy, this sugar is converted to body fat and stored. Double blind clinical studies have proven chromium's effectiveness in weight loss.

Citrus Aurantium-to activate fat burning. Known as Zhi Shi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Citrus Aurantium was used to treat indigestion, chest congestion, and improve circulation and liver function. Recently, scientist discovered that it contains a unique composition of five amines (alkaloids) that stimulate weight loss, build lean muscle, and improve physical performance. The nutrient has the unique ability to activate thermogenesis internal fat burning), without the uncomfortable side effect of other thermongenic nutrients, such as ephedrine.

Garcinia Cambogia-to increase metabolic function. A plant native to India, Garcinia cambogia produces an inhibitor effect to the building blocks of fatty tissues. It has high content of hydroxycitrate (HCA), an active ingredient in many weight loss products. Many studies have shown its role in increased metabolic function.

Kelp-contains nearly thirty minerals that nourish the glands (especially the thyroid and pituitary). By enhancing the action of the glandular system, it helps balance the body's metabolism and rate at which it burns calories.

L-Arginine-This amino acid promotes the release of growth hormone and increases muscle mass while decreasing the amount of body fat.

L-Carnitine-Another amino acid that improves fatty acid metabolism in overweight individuals.


Weight loss occurs best when the body is cleansed and in proper balance. By cleansing the body both before and during the weight loss process, the body can rid itself of unwanted toxins and other substances that interfere with healthy systemic activity. Your body will also respond better to the healthy nutrients found in RoyalSlim. The ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Tea Cleanse is the perfect method to prepare and maintain your body in proper balance for weight loss and optimal weight maintenance.

The ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Tea Cleanse is simple to use and will make you look and feel great! Together with RoyalSlim, you will never need another weight loss product.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM — RoyalSlim & Noni Tea Cleanse

Suggestions for proper usage:

Make Noni Tea as directed on the product label. Drink hot or cold. If you sweeten the tea, be sure to use a sugar substitute, with 3 packets maximum per day.

Step One — Days 1 through 5. During the first 5 days, drink 64 ounces of Noni Tea. On the first day, restrict your diet as completely as possible so as to allow the tea to work best. Take 3 capsules of RoyalSlim at 10 A.M. and 3 capsules at 4 P.M. (always about 1/2 hour to an hour before your two biggest meals).

Step Two — Days 6 through 15. Drink at least 32 ounces of Noni Tea daily. Continue to take 3 capsules of RoyalSlim two times daily

Step Three — Weight Maintenance — Days 16+. Drink at least 16 ounces of Noni Tea daily. Drinking Noni Tea should bring you a lifetime of enjoyment and a great way to maintain optimal balance. Take 2 capsules of RoyalSlim twice a day.

Other Suggestions:

We strongly encourage you to follow the suggested procedures to maximize your weight management program and to give yourself adequate time on the program. Remember, how long did it take to put on those extra pounds on? You can't take them too quickly and do it safely. Give yourself time to fine-tune your body. You'll be glad you did.

1. Exercise vigorously a minimum of 3 times a week to get your heart rate up, the more the better! Choose any activity, walking, running, cycling, tennis etc., that you enjoy doing and do it the same time everyday. Be sure to use our NitrO™ product before and after exercising.

2. Consume High Fiber foods.

3. Consume a Maximum of 20 g of fat per day

4. No food after 8 P.M.

5. Take 1-2 Tablespoons of ROYAL PACIFIC NONI® Pure Noni Juice 1/2 hour before breakfast (you may mix it with juice) AND 1/2 hour before dinner.

6. If you must drink soda, drink Diet sodas only.

It takes discipline, and like everything else we are only as strong as our weakest link. But the result is really worth the effort.

Remember it is always advisable to visit with your Doctor prior to undertaking any exercise or weight management program.

Kilimi Body Lotion - Natural Skin Care

"Kilimi" is a Polynesian word for a 2000-year-old secret for keeping your skin beautiful and ageless: Noni lotion. Formulated with Enliven's proprietary Noni Whole Plant Extract, Kalimi concentrates the benefits of the noni plant to penetrate the skin's surface, replacing lost moisture and replenishing vital nutrients.

  • Helps skin release toxins and take in nutrients
  • Smooth, creamy, non-greasy formula allows skin to breathe
  • Contains antioxidants to protect your skin from damage due to free radicals
  • Supports the skin's natural pH balance
  • Contains enzymes to make skin soft and supple
  • Nitric Oxide formula helps regulate the chemical pathway involved in the production of Collagen and Elastin fibers, essential to firm, great looking skin

Kilimi Helps Protect the Skin and Maintain Its Natural Beauty

There is no better source of nourishment, or protection, than Kilimi. Kilimi is a refreshing, creamy, non-greasy body lotion that rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin to keep you looking and feeling great. Unlike creams that smother and block pores, Kilimi allows the skin to breathe and take in nutrients while offering a protective barrier against toxins.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and is the first defense mechanism in your overall immune system. The skin protects and interacts with internal organs, and helps resist bacteria and infection. Protecting and nourishing your skin protects your health and helps maintain the skin's natural glow and beauty.

A major source of damage to the skin is caused by excessive free radicals. Free radicals are molecules created during the natural skin-cell process. However, when exposed to a polluted environment, the sun, wind and weather, the number of free radicals in your skin greatly increases. Having too many free radicals can be harmful and can even cause irreversible damage to your skin. Kilimi is rich in antioxidants, which can help protect your skin from the damage caused by excessive free radicals.

In addition to antioxidants, Kilimi contains certain enzymes known to make skin soft and supple. The pH of the skin can become unbalanced when washed with soap and other products. Kilimi is naturally formulated to balance the pH of the skin.

Use Kilimi daily to receive the natural, healthful external benefits of the Noni plant that have been used for generations.

Active Ingredient

The primary ingredient in Kilimi is the proprietary Noni Whole Plant Extract known as NitrO™, available only from Enliven International. This extract has been shown to concentrate the essence of noni by producing a Nitric Oxide effect in the endothelial cell test over 50 times greater than noni juice.

Nitric Oxide has been shown to speed up wound healing, reduce scar tissue, and is essential in regulating the chemical pathways involved in producing essential Collagen and Elastin fibers in the inner layer (dermis) of the skin.

Collagenous fibers in the dermis are the tough, strong white fibers that need to remain strong and tight for good skin health and appearance. The Elastinous fibers are stretchable and elastic-like which depend on the elastin substance to keep them firm and toned.

Formulated with NitrOT, Kilimi gives your skin the concentrated, natural, and healthful benefits of noni that have been used for generations.


Apply Kilimi body lotion daily to nourish, protect, moisturize, and soften skin.

Apply generously and in specific regions for: excessive dryness, excessive oiliness, pain, irritations, rashes, cuts, scrapes, bruises, sunburn, skin blemishes, skin disorders, hand and feet nail fungus, athletes foot, jock itch, vaginal itching, wrinkles and stretch marks. Repeated applications may prove beneficial for specific skin conditions. Kilimi is also a great after-shave lotion.

Protein – Nitro ProFX™

• Tastes Great

• High in Protein

• 20 Grams of Protein

• Low in Carbs & Sugars

• Only 2 Impact Carbs

• No Trans-Fatty-Acids

• No Hydrogenated Oils

• No Artificial Sweeteners

• Naturally Flavored

Our bodies and our health are built from the foods we consume. Food

should supply adequate quality and quantity of protein, carbohydrates and

fats, the macro-nutrients that contain vitamins, minerals, enzymes and

phytochemicals. Food therefore should supply the raw materials the body

needs to defend, repair and regulate itself. With such resources the body is

capable of expressions of health, healing and vitality that are miraculous!

The problem in the 21st century is not the quantity of foods available to most

people, but the quality of the food. One area of dietary decline in the last

century has been in quality protein intake. Protein is the body’s raw material

for growth and repair, building hormones for regulation and assembling antibodies

for defense. Research has shown that simply increasing one’s protein

intake can have profound effects on blood sugar control, weight

management and immune system modulation.

Lets face it. No one has trouble finding foods with sugars, carbohydrates

and fats including Trans-Fatty-Acids (TFA). What people who are health

conscious or dieting need is a health bar with low carbohydrates, high

protein, low fats and no TFAs.

Enliven’s new Nitro ProFX™ bars have no TFAs. They contain almost no

sugars. They are sweetened with natural ingredients allowing them to have a

great taste with low carbohydrates – only two net impact carbs per bar.

They come in two great flavors, chocolate, made with real cocoa, and peanut

crunch. To purchase immediately visit our “order products” section of our

website and begin to enjoy the taste of a healthy life.

Try ‘em, you’ll like ‘em!